Tuesday, June 29, 2010

huh .. it is late in the night... and I haven't sleep yet..(ala silap ba pula pagi sdh ni) . Got homework to do..i have 19(minus 5) types of diseases to figure out..pemalas kn... last minute bru bt... hahaha kotoh
hey my roommate also haven't finish their work yet.hahah mati la ma Pn **** nnt ni.

erm kinda boring today... well always am..

*still, I can't forget abt his past.. and there's always a reason for me to argue with him... I've been too selfish lately.. but all the time also do..


sheloveshim said...

xda2 blog ko ni..buang p laut..hahahahaa

Keluang Man said...

hai salam kenal. aku suda follow blog ko ni.. kalau sudi follow la blog aku blk arr.. hehehehhe... http://atehwildan.blogspot.com